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The Full Story


GNG Group started as a trading house in the year 1996 as GNG Trading Company Private Limited, which is now the holding company for the other companies of the group, namely GNG Power Systems Limited, GNG Technologies Limited and N & N Developers Limited. We believe that entrepreneurial and organizational capabilities can only be fractionally harnessed when the purpose is mere business. Sustainability of business over decades and centuries depends upon steady cumulative growth and the ability to harness the potential of our socio-economic environment. All our businesses are associated with the lives of millions of people in our country and help create capabilities, opportunities and betterment. Therefore, there are immense holistic synergies associated with our business model based on “Empowering Cumulative Growth” since we are intimately involved and committed to the mission of serving and improving the lives and welfare of all those associated with our business.



We endeavor towards developing ourselves as an organizational family pillared on values, employees, management, and achievements. We believe in the words of Alan Kay “The Best Way to Predict the Future is to invent it”


Our vision is to be a business organization that is actually and positively affecting the lives of the masses in one way or the other, for betterment. “The seeds of the future lie in the past.” 

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