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Stories about Mother Earth & Her Children

GreenStories as the name goes is a movement to share stories about Mother Earth and its children. The purpose and vision behind is to aggregate stories regarding environment, climate changes, rural issues and other related issues from various websites, authors, bloggers, researchers, newspapers, individuals, institutions and magazines at one place and make them easily accessible to readers so that to inspire all of us to create a greener and healthier world.

The need for such an initiative arose considering what we are facing everyday. Climate change, pollution, natural calamities and all such issues are becoming reality of life. We thought it to be the right time to start with some effort enabling people to share their efforts. There are number of people doing some effort but are not getting their fair share of recognition. Through this platform we hope to help them in getting their fair share of recognition.

At GreenStories it is our effort to share as many stories as possible with people but we can’t do it alone. We will need support of everyone for this.


Rural Stories

Inspiring stories from Rural India and other parts of the world showcasing the insatiable human spirit of care for mother nature.


Climate change is a reality which we can't deny but we must highlight and bring to light the efforts being done in this regard.


In today's stressful times, health is one of the most important factors which we need to take care of, get details of the same.

Urban Stories

Stories of people in Urban India and elsewhere doing their bit for mother nature and inspiring others for the same.


We believe in waste to worth and that is what we propagate through our section on waste management.


From our editorial desk get hard-hitting stories related to day-to-day life and the human spirit in general.

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